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How Can I help?

As members of the Burlingame Scottish Rite, we have the responsibility, duty and honor of supporting the San Francisco and Burlingame Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center.

Contribute directly to the Center:

A. Join the 365 Club. Only $250.00 per year.
- payment plan is available.

B. Contribute in Memory of a departed friend or family member.

C. Contribute in Honor of a friend or family member.

Attend and take part in the fundraisers that are run by both the Valley of Burlingame and the Valley of San Francisco.

Consider a contribution to the Center by way of your will.

Besides monetary support, we can and should take part in one of the committees that are formed to coordinate the various fundraisers. Do you have a talent or idea that may help raise the funds needed to keep the Center alive and vibrant?

Join the 365 Club

How can you become a member of this special and important club?

Actually it’s easy, just contribute $250.00 or more in a year. That is less than $21.00 per month. How do you pay this contribution? Use your credit card, a check, even cash! Want to spread out your payments? We can do that too. Just call the office 650-344-4841. agood job keeping new members interested,

Checks for contributions to the San Francisco and Burlingame Childhood Language Center should be made payable to the Scottish Rite Foundation with the note “SF/Burlingame CLC” on the memo line. Checks may be sent to the following address.

Burlingame Scottish Rite, Burlingame Masonic Center, 145 Park Road, Burlingame, CA 94010



April 27th - Stated Meeting

May 2nd - Education Fete - Cancelled

Note it will be held on Stated meeting night

May 18th- Stated Meeting


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Want to know how you can support Scottish Rite Childhood Learning and Language Center? Click here!

Want to learn more about it, click read more below.            

March 11th - Monday 6:30pm
St. Patrick’s Dinner with Burlingame #400
Dinner and Entertainment
Please RSVP -See flyer enclosed

March 25th - Monday 6:00pm
Stated Meeting and Remembrance and Renewal
6:00pm Stated Meeting (Early)
6:30pm Dinner
Remembrance and Renewal to follow

April 6th - Saturday 6:30pm
Whiskey Tasting  -Stag Only
Please RSVP - See flyer enclosed