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Join the Knights of St. Andrew

KCCH and 33rds Need Not Apply

A Special Scottish Rite Organization for Special Scottish Rite Men.

If you’re not afraid to serve the Burlingame Scottish Rite then ask a man with a feather in his cap how to get involved.


April 27th - Stated Meeting

May 2nd - Education Fete - Cancelled

Note it will be held on Stated meeting night

May 18th- Stated Meeting


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Saturday, May 7- 5:00PM
Centennial Celebration
at San Mateo Marriott

Monday, May 23- 6:00PM
(early meeting first)
Stated Meeting &
Feast of the Consistory
Open on the Consistory

Monday, June 27- 6:00PM
(early meeting first)
Stated Meeting &
Public Schools Education Night