Burlingame Scottish Rite Scholarship Night


Venerable Master Evan Brewer and our 2014 Scholarship Recipients

Burlingame Scottish Rite 2016 Installation of Officers

diaz 1

(L to R): Ill. Richard Brown, 33° and Roberto Diaz, Jr., 32° KSA, Venerable Master)


(L to R): Chris D. Smith, 32°, KCCH (Master of Kadosh of the Consistory); Evan W. Brewer, 32°, KCCH (Commander of Kadosh); P.R. Alberto T. Jacinto, 32°, KCCH; S.G.I.G. Ill. Frank Loui, 33°; Roberto Diaz, Jr., 32°, KSA (Venerable Master, Lodge of Perfection); Mark W. Stephens, 32°, KSA (Wise Master, Chapter of Rose Croix); Ill. Richard Brown, 33°



14th Degree

St. Patricks Day Dinner


Special Degree



Burlingame SR Scholarship Education Awards Fete (May 2016)
(L to R) Alberto T. Jacinto, 32° KCCH, Personal Representative to the SGIG; Scholarship recipients Miss Jessica Reyes and Miss Aubra Gutierrez; Roberto Diaz, Jr. 32° KSA, Venerable Master, Lodge of Perfection; Chris D. Smith 32°, KCCH, Assistant Secretary of All Bodies.

DeMolay “Flower Talk” presentation during SR Stated Meeting (May 2016)
(Arkin Reyes, Senior Councilor for SSF Chapter)

Roberto Diaz, Jr., 32° KSA, Venerable Master, Lodge of Perfection

(L to R): Ill. (L to R): P.R. to the S.G.I.G. Alberto T. Jacinto, 32°, KCCH; Roberto Diaz, Jr., 32°, KSA, Venerable Master; S.G.I.G. Ill. Frank Loui, 33°


4th and 14th degrees

SR Education fete 2017
bbsr_ symbols

Congratulations to our newly Knighted KSA members (10/30/17):

(L-->R) Bros.

Dennis Silva 32°KSA,

Walter Ancheta 32°KSA,

Joshua Cusing 32°KSA


SR 1-2018

April 27th - Stated Meeting

May 2nd - Education Fete - Cancelled

Note it will be held on Stated meeting night

May 18th- Stated Meeting


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Saturday, May 7- 5:00PM
Centennial Celebration
at San Mateo Marriott

Monday, May 23- 6:00PM
(early meeting first)
Stated Meeting &
Feast of the Consistory
Open on the Consistory

Monday, June 27- 6:00PM
(early meeting first)
Stated Meeting &
Public Schools Education Night